Important Facts Page

  • Luke, the lead singer, started the bands career by posting covers to Youtube. Michael, their lead guitarist, joined him later on and eventually Calum,their bassist, joined them as well.
  • The 3 boys, Luke, Calum and Michael, all went to school togther, but knew Ashton, the drummer, over Facebook. It wasn't until the boys' first gig that they realized that they needed a drummer, so they contacted Ashton.
  • The group was then posting covers all together on Youtube when One Direction Member, Louis Tomlinson, dicovered them and tweeted about them.
  • Niall Horan, another member from One Direction, also tweeted about 5 Seconds Of Summer and asked the boys to be their opening act for One Direction's Take Me Home Tour, as well as thier Where We Are Tour. And of course, the boys accepted.
  • About a month after the Where We Are Tour kicked off, the band released their first album, 5 Seconds Of Summer(self titled).
  • They then released their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, in October 2015. They just finished up that tour, Sounds Live Feels Live in August.
  • The band released their first single off the third album called Want You Back, just a few weeks ago(today is April 14, 2018) and just dropped the second single, Youngblood, which the album is named after, a few days ago. They have performed a few other soungs off the new album; Talk Fast, Valentine and Moving Along,